Who is a Whistleblower?

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Who is a whistleblower? Whistleblowers are typically employees, former employees, contractors or others associated with an organization that is engaged in some sort of fraud or corruption.

Most whistleblowers have two things in common: Unique evidence of wrongdoing or fraud, and a conscience that compels them to do the right thing.

Unique evidence can mean documents, voicemails, e-mails, recordings, reports, schedules of meetings, billing information, bank records, and other information that indicates a firm was involved in illegal activity or was failing to follow procedures as required by government regulations. The evidence is unique if it has not already been made public and if you are the sole source of the information.

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Protecting the Rights of Whistleblowers

We have the greatest respect for those with the moral integrity and strength of character to blow the whistle on fraud and corruption. We understand that employers may retaliate against whistleblowers by demoting or terminating them. If that occurs, we will file a lawsuit under the appropriate state or federal whistleblower protection law.

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