What to Know Before Taking Any Drug

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Prescription drugs are powerful medicine. It's important that they are used correctly. Don't take chances with your health or that of your family. Knowing the following information can help you ensure that the medications you take are safe and effective.

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If you have questions about prescription, herbal or over-the-counter medications, be sure to speak with your doctor or pharmacist.

What to Know Before Taking Any Drug

  • Why was this drug prescribed? Make sure you know why you are taking the drug and what it is suppose to do to help your medical condition.
  • What is the Drug Approved for by the FDA? Drugs are approved for the treatment of specific conditions. Once released, however, doctors may use them for other reasons. This so-called off-label use of a medication can be problematic because of the lack of tests and clinical trials to prove the drug is safe and effective to treat your specific condition.
  • What symptoms or side effects should I be concerned about? Ask your doctor what to do if you experience side effects from the medication or if your symptoms do no abate.
  • What results should I expect and how soon? Some drugs are intended to cure a condition, others just relieve symptoms.
  • How should the drug be taken? Should it be taken in the morning or the evening, with food or on an empty stomach? Some foods, like orange juice, can diminish the effectiveness of certain drugs.
  • How should it be stored?
  • What tests should be done to monitor the drug's effectiveness? Blood tests or other test may be needed at regular intervals.
  • What drugs or other substances will interact with this drug? Other drugs, herbal supplements and foods can all interact with a drug to change its effectiveness.
  • What alternative drugs or other treatments may be appropriate? Ask your doctor if there are other, similar drugs that treat the same condition, and why he or she is prescribing this particular one.

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