Truck Accidents

Hersh & Hersh Represents Victims of Truck Accidents

Hersh & Hersh has extensive experience representing those injured in accidents involving trucks and other large vehicles. Trucking accidents can be very serious and can involve debilitating injuries. We are here to help victims of trucking accidents.

Our expertise in medical issues allows us to represent those with serious and complicated medical conditions, enabling our clients to make the best possible recovery from their injuries.

Our clients include other attorneys, who often refer complicated truck cases to us.

Hersh & Hersh provides the best representation to our clients not only when we attempt to settle a case, but also by taking a case to trial when a satisfactory settlement cannot be reached.

Passionate Representation in Truck Accident Cases

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If you, or a loved one, have suffered personal injuries as a result of a truck accident, please contact us.

Our Record of Success

In one case, Hersh & Hersh recovered nearly $3 million against Caltrans for a client who was severely injured after a driver lost control of his truck and crossed over the median into our client's eastbound car. Hersh & Hersh asserted  that Caltrans failed to provide a safe and effective median barrier along the Solano County, California highway to prevent cross-over accidents like this from occurring. The case was settled prior to trial.

In another case, Hersh & Hersh represented a woman who was seriously injured after her car was hit head-on by another car on Lakeville Highway in Sonoma County. We sued the driver and owner of the other car for our client's injuries and brought the case to a successful resolution on her behalf.

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