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The attorneys of Hersh & Hersh were successful in filing, litigating and resolving the first Fen/Phen PPH case while the drug was still on the market. Our firm has decades of experience standing up for the rights of people injured by dangerous and defective drugs and medical devices. We take on giant pharmaceutical manufacturers and hold them responsible for the harm they cause by putting profits over people.

Passionate Representation, Historic Results in PPH Lawsuits
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We are especially proud to have filed and settled the first lawsuit linking Fen-Phen to primary pulmonary hypertension (PPH) before the drug was taken off the market. To date we have handled dozens of PPH lawsuits on behalf of clients throughout the country. Although individual settlement amounts cannot be disclosed, we have recovered more than $150 million in total compensation for clients in PPH lawsuits.

We believe our firm has more experience and has achieved more success in PPH litigation than any other law firm in the nation.

If you developed PPH after taking Fen-Phen or Redux, why not put our strength on your side? Please contact us to discuss your case. We offer a free consultation to review your case and advise you of your rights.

With Us, It's Personal

You will never be just another case to the attorneys of Hersh & Hersh. We get to know each client personally. No matter where you live, we will visit you to discuss your case, explain the legal process and prepare you for your deposition. The tremendous courage of our clients inspires us to fight for justice.

We understand that your life and your family members' lives have been forever changed by your disease. We will do everything in our power to help you. We can refer you to skilled physicians and medical centers known for their treatment of PPH and to support groups that can help you cope.

Most of all, we will focus the full extent of our legal knowledge and skill on your legal claim. Our goal is to achieve the best result possible as soon as possible.

Because PPH is a deadly disease, we will push for an early trial date so you can have your day in court. We actively litigate every case and never accept a modest settlement offer just to avoid more work. We pursue the maximum amount of financial compensation you deserve.

Winning Against the Odds

The drug makers and their insurance companies have hundreds of lawyers in their legal departments to defend against defective drug claims. They maneuver to bury us in legal work or bankrupt our firm.

Their tactics do not work.

Whenever our opponents have had a chance to settle a lawsuit, but chose to fight us instead, they have, in the end, paid our clients more than the original settlement offer. While we cannot guarantee the outcome of any legal case, we can promise you we will work tirelessly on your behalf.

To speak to a PPH litigation attorney, please contact Hersh & Hersh today. From our offices in San Francisco, California, the lawyers of Hersh & Hersh represent people with PPH in lawsuits nationwide.

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