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Attorneys at Our FirmA tort is a negligent or wrongful act that injures another person. A mass tort is a negligent or wrongful act that harms many people in a similar manner. People injured by negligent or wrongful acts may seek financial compensation through the civil courts.

Mass tort claims are filed to obtain compensation for groups of people or organizations that have been harmed by a common wrong. Hersh & Hersh was among the first law firms to use mass tort litigation on behalf of its injured clients.

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Our first mass tort case involved DES, a drug once given to pregnant women to prevent miscarriage. We proved that the drug was not only ineffective; it also caused a rare form of cancer in the reproductive tract of daughters whose mothers consumed the drug. We won a $42 million jury verdict for a group of 11 injured women.

Over the years, our attorneys have filed mass tort claims on behalf of many groups of people, including those injured by dangerous and defective products such as:

In mass tort litigation, our clients have the personal attention of an attorney and a fierce advocate for their rights in negotiations and litigation.

$700 Million Dangerous Drug Settlement

In the $700 million Zyprexa settlement, for example, we pressed for maximum compensation for our clients, who were part of a group of 8,000 plaintiffs. Our clients received the biggest average share of the settlement.

Because of our national reputation for excellence, our attorneys are frequently asked to sit on the plaintiff's steering committee, a group that helps manage and administer mass torts litigation.

One of the keys to our success in mass torts claims is that we are willing to put in the hard work required to take a case to trial. We invest our knowledge, resources and skills in developing a case and arguing it before a jury, where we have been extremely successful. Many other law firms are content to cash in once the heavy lifting is over.

If you have suffered a personal injury or been harmed by a defective product, please contact an attorney at Hersh & Hersh to discuss your case. During a free consultation, we will discuss your case and let you know whether a mass tort claim may be an appropriate way to handle your legal issues.

From our offices in San Francisco, California, the lawyers of Hersh & Hersh represent people nationwide who have been injured by negligence or unsafe products.

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