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Gadolinium is a contrast dye injected into patients during an MRI or MRA test. The dye accumulates in abnormal tissues in the body and because it glows brightly on the MRI results, gadolinium allows radiologists to easily identify even very small tumors and other abnormal tissues.

Gadolinium has been linked to serious conditions including, nephrogenic systemic fibrosis or NSF, a debilitating and sometimes fatal disease affecting the skin, muscles and internal organs. After exposure to gadolinium, people with kidney deficiencies are at higher risk of developing the rare and serious disease, also known as nephrogenic fibrosing dermopathy (NFD).

The drug's makers did not warn doctors or patients of its risk or recommend testing patients for kidney damage before administering the contrast dye. Several years ago, the FDA issued a request for a black box warning for the labeling of gadolinium-based contrast agents used in MRI. This warning was directed to patients with severe kidney insufficiency as well as patients involved in liver transplantation or with chronic liver disease. 

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GE's Omniscan Causes the Most NSF Cases

Of the five types of gadolinium-based contrast agents (GBCAs), General Electric's Omniscan is the one most frequently linked to NSF. One of the reasons GE is a market leader in GBCAs is that it also manufactures MRI machines, which it leases to medical facilities. As part of the lease agreement, GE often requires the use of Omniscan in MRI procedures requiring a contrast agent.

If you or a member of your family developed NSF after and MRI or MRA with a contrast dye agent, you may be able to recover financial compensation for your damages. Please contact an attorney at Hersh & Hersh to discuss your case. Our law firm is dedicated to helping victims harmed by dangerous and defective drugs.

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