Essure System Injuries

Hersh & Hersh represents women who have been harmed by Bayer's medical device called Essure. The Essure System was intended to be a permanent birth control device for women. Many women have undergone the implantation of the flexible coils through a non-surgical procedure that remains in the woman's body and is not removed. The procedure involves the insertion of these coils into the  fallopian tubes and in approximately three months, tissue surrounds the device to stop the ability to conceive.

However, over the past few years, many women have come forward with symptoms of pain, perforation of the colon, uterus, fallopian tubes, movement of the device and total device failure resulting in pregnancy.

If you have been injured by the Essure system, please contact Hersh & Hersh for guidance and evaluation of your case. We are the foremost law firm in women's health and we can help with no cost to you at all until we recover for your injuries.

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