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Attorneys at Our FirmIt's simple. Manufacturers must not sell products that endanger the public. If they do, they can be held liable for the damages they cause. In addition to the product manufacturer, the parts suppliers, vendors, wholesalers and retailers who sell defective products are frequently named in product liability lawsuits because they share responsibility for the harm the product caused.

At Hersh & Hersh, our attorneys file product liability lawsuits to win financial compensation for our clients and to protect public safety by seeing that defective products are removed from the market.

Passionate Representation in Defective Product Claims
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We have won significant verdicts and settlements in a broad range of product liability claims, including those involving:

  • Air Bags An air bag defect can turn this life-saving safety device into a mechanism that can injure, maim and kill.
  • Tires and Brakes If your brakes and tires aren't safe, you aren't safe.
  • Seatbelts Not all seatbelts provide the protection they promise; some cause serious injury.
  • Headrests and Seats By failing to design safety into headrests and seats, automakers endanger the public.
  • Gas Tank Explosions/Fuel-Fed Fires Problems with gas tanks and fuel systems did not end with the Pinto.
  • Dangerous and Defective Highways A surprising number of vehicle accidents are caused not by cars or drivers, but by hazardous roads, inadequate signage and poor highway design.
  • Products for Children Our recent work resulted in the largest recall of full-sized cribs ever in the U.S. — as well as a substantial settlement for our client.
  • Machinery and Equipment From nail guns and farm implements to saws and industrial equipment, machinery can cause life-altering injury, disability and fatality.
  • Household Products A defect can turn a common household item into a life-threatening danger.

From our offices in San Francisco, California, the lawyers of Hersh & Hersh represent people injured by dangerous and defective products nationwide.

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